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BANG! The Card Game v APK for Android

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I have been working on various computer versions of a Bang! Only requires a browser with Javascript. It should run on most devices. Info Bang card game pc download Any feedback would страница appreciated.

Chris Carr, bang card game pc download you remove the Bang! I would really like to check it out! While I do love the official online version, it only runs on Windows. How to play the official version in ? I can посетить страницу it in android play store. Corral BANG!

Online Computer Game Site. Although an unofficial computer game version of BANG! They have posted some trailers on their site. Here is ;c gameplay video: Check out for more information at Palzoun’s blog or at the official site. From my initial look at the gameplay video, it looks graphically very nice, and seems to explain the game and its rules pretty well to newcomers.

My concern is that the game looks abysmally slow. I don’t want cards shaking in anticipation for a “draw! Perhaps this can be customized, sort of like Hasbro’s Bnag Wars Monopoly, so that you bzng cut it to bang card game pc download nuts and bolts if you want it нажмите сюда. I sure hope so because I won’t be able to tolerate the long waits otherwise.

KBang doesn’t have this issue, and may be a much more enjoyable game than dodnload official version if this continues. Besides this, players’ cards seemed a little hard to see, even scrunched. I am curious how well you will be able to see things on an iPhone in a 7-player match. But we’ll see how it turns out when it is released.

Supposedly it is slated to come out this Christmas, but that downloda doubtful as it приведу ссылку already December Labels: computer game. Chris Carr May 12, at PM. Fownload September 27, bang card game pc download AM. Anonymous March 6, at AM.

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Bang card game pc download. BANG! The Card Game


Helena St. Lucia St. Martin St. Outlying Islands U. The Card Game. This project is a classic card strategy with elements rolevki with all the events unfolding in the Wild West and storyline will tell us about the confrontation between the Sheriff and a gang of robbers.

In addition, you can play both against AI and against other players or together with friends. Requirements to v 0. Votes: 1. Main Games on Android Board Games. App rating Editors rating. Rating of 2 users 8. Estimate Read reviews. Help How to install? It refers to the color of the suits hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs.

It only refers to playing a card, whether that means playing an expendable card brown cards or playing a card in front of you blue, green cards. Thus you CAN use any green cards already in play. You simply cannot put ones into play that did not have the named suit.

Thirst has you draw 1 less card during your turn. Thus if the thirst is in play, he draws 3 cards. Basically, total up what cards he would draw on a normal turn given his life points and substract that amount by 1. I also relabeled a few character abilities. Is your goal here to have as many translations as possible? If so, I can translate some of your material here into Finnish, if you want? I was thinking about Death Mesa too 😀 I will try to do it as soon as possible.

I will give you the translation to every card and the rules and you put them in place, does that suit you? Where shall I send it when it’s done? Thanks for doing this! That setup is fine. I’ve been trying to find a concrete number but can’t seem to come across one. I know this comes a a random question, but if a player plays DUEL can you refuse and nothing happenes either way?

The rules dont state you have to fight rather have a choice. Anonymous people- 1. The sheriff has to follow the same rules that the other players play by. Therefore, they may only play one Bang! A DUEL is not an option.

The choice that it refers to is whether the player is forced to play a Bang!. They have the option to not play a Bang! There are times in a game where a player would not want to use their Bang cards. Maybe they know an Indians will be played soon, or maybe they know that the other player has more Bangs in their hand.

In these cases, they can keep the Bang cards that they have, but they still have to lose a life point. I hope this helps! If referring to downloading original game cards, no, we’re not providing pirated copies of bANG!.

Great blog. Question from a game last night: Is it allowable to play a bang with a regular gun or rifle, then switch to the Volcanic and play additional bangs? The 1 BANG!

Hello Martin Pulido! I was wondering if you have the printable version of the original card set of the game for download, as it isn’t available in my country India, and I’d prefer not shipping one in from abroad. I tried surfing through your blog but was unable to find the same. I only found printable versions of expansions but not the original card set.


Download BANG! The Card Game APK for Android


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