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Racing simulators have come a long way in the last decade or so, especially because modern technology allows developers to integrate more realistic physics engines and accurately portray the complex engineering that governs the structure of a car. Hence, race drivers can actually train in simulators like Gran Turismo or DiRT Rally, since they are realistic enough to stand in for the real thing in most cases.

Forza Motorsport 6: Apex is a racing simulator designed to let you enjoy the pleasure of pushing some of the fastest and most expensive cars in the world to their limits, without worrying about damaging them or getting hurt in the process. Although simulation is the defining term for the game, you can also opt for a more arcade experience, just in case you are not ready to deal with horsepower right off the bat.

However, this is achieved through driving assist options, so you can always tick them off and experience the cars as they actually feel. As such, it starts by putting you behind the wheel of classic cars, which are easier to drive and much more forgiving than modern hypercars. There are other game modes to choose from as well, depending on whether you want to set track records, participate in single events, or just try some quick races to test drive the desired cars before entering an actual competition.

Speaking of which, each car is designed to come as close to its real counterpart as possible, and there are thousands of factors that affect how each vehicle steers, accelerates, or behaves in corners. Due to the fact that a proper simulation must fool every sense in order to have the desired effect, Forza Motorsport 6: Apex delivers exquisite quality when it comes to graphics and sound effects as well. Hence, each car is designed down to the tiniest bump and curve, which obviously takes its toll in regards to system requirements.

Even if the game uses a dynamic rendering system to change the graphics quality on the fly, you still need a powerhouse PC to avoid staggering and low framerates. The sound effects are incredible as well, given the fact that they are all original and have been provided by the official manufacturers for each car.

Thus, each car has a specific sound when you accelerate, shift gears, or take it to high revs during a burnout. Lastly, the actual graphics quality is top notch, especially when it comes to reflections and post-processing effects. To let you enjoy this even more, the game provides you with a tool called Photo Mode, which can be accessed at any time, and it basically stops the action to let you rotate the camera around the car in order to take the perfect picture. Not only that, but you can even zoom in, rotate and control effects like vignetting, brightness and contrast, which makes for amazing and photorealistic wallpapers of your own design.

Everything is as it should be in a racing simulator, from the physics engine to the graphics and the controls. However, one of the greatest drawbacks is the fact that you need a powerful PC in order to handle the game, which might not be ideal for casual gamers sporting laptops or old computers. Forza Motorsport 6: Apex open beta. Push the fastest cars on the planet to their limits in this state-of-the-art racing simulator with stunning graphics.

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Forza motorsport 6 apex free download for windows 10


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