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The comprehensive Result Navigator gives you the ability to greatly improve the process of investigating quality issues that may occur across parts or over time.

Identify and eliminate sources of stack up errors in weldments or assemblies with the data accumulated from performing multiple analyses of various alignment scenarios simultaneously. Quickly and efficiently resolve any potential assembled part-related issues by cross-referencing the CAD model and the data accumulated with the use of 3D scanners, other portable measuring devices, and even computer tomography.

You can also create an individual project per part, with measurements data gathered over time, which can then be used to graphically investigate cross supplier issues. The new and exciting features of Geomagic Control X give its users total accountability and traceability throughout the entire process of inspection.

Attain dimensional data in any order and style without any restrictions and with the smart Synchronous Inspection system capturing the data hierarchy and workflows in the background, processes can be easily repeated and edited.

Geomagic Control X ensures getting precise results quickly and hassle-free, letting you focus on collecting the required data and analysing it. Sophisticated CAD-based dimensioning tools allow industry professionals to quickly conduct various analyses such as First Article inspection.

Innovations in the reporting features of Geomagic Control X provide users with the ability to produce graphically-rich, communicative reports; and with the advanced custom viewpoint control and view-style reporting, it can be tailored to fit specific guidelines, whether it be traditional paper, or pdf print graphical presentation.

Have full control of how the dimensions of an object are displayed with advanced 3D dimensioning and annotation management. A variety of smart report layout tools gives you the freedom to choose how your reports are configured together with the format you would like them to be in.

Ensure quality everywhere. Bring the power of 3D scan-based inspection to more people in more places with software that makes it easy to both capture and interpret scan data.

Scan parts to capture more information and leverage rich data to understand why parts are in or out of tolerance. Optimize manufacturing processes. Recognize and address issues faster with insights gained from comparing scanned parts to CAD models or golden parts. Watch video. Custom reporting Easily create inspection reports to analyze your results. Walk-up probing Increase productivity with walk-up inspection.

Multiple results analysis Analyze multiple results in Geomagic Control X. What’s New in Geomagic Control X Improvements to enhance the stability of Control X Automation and the ability to check immediate automatic inspection results. New Selection tools, enabling the user to select poly-faces or poly-vertices on a desired area, and reuse them for other corresponding scan data in automated inspection workflows.

Several other miscellaneous enhancements to tools, licensing and the installer have been made. Implementation of some minor bug fixes. How can you buy Geomagic Control X? Geomagic Control X Overview Brochure brochure. Geomagic Design X Use Geomagic Control X with comprehensive reverse engineering software to create feature-based, editable solid models compatible with existing CAD software. Learn More. Insert result navigator information into reports. Export to a PDF. Create user-specific interfaces and settings to increase usability and simplify interaction with the Custom Profile feature.

Create and pair reference geometry with contextual shortcuts that enhance no-CAD and general workflows. Control dimensional annotations like arrows and center marks. Automate dimensional tolerances based on ISO-compliant parameters. Scanning and Importing Capabilities Connect to scanning devices and import CAD for even the most-challenging reference models. Import legacy control files. Import CAD files. Use up to 37 percent less memory when handling scan data. Inspection Preplanning: Create detailed probing processes offline and then connect to your device and press play.

Guided or Free Inspection: Measure features in any order or predefine a measurement order. Both methods provide repeatable processes. Walk-up Inspection: Walk up to your device, align, and measure with intuitive probing tools.

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Geomagic Control X – гэта комплексная праграмная платформа для метралогіі, якая забяспечвае магутныя галіновыя інструменты ў простых працоўных умовах. Выкарыстанне Geomagic Control. Geomagic Control X is a comprehensive metrology software platform that delivers the industry’s most powerful set of tools within straightforward workflows. The software enables Quality Control Managers intuitive, fast, repeatable controls for the inspection measuring process. Information-rich analysis and reporting functions allow for. Aug 04,  · Geomagic Control X x64官方原版+完美激活破解补丁. Geomagic Control X是一个全面的计量软件平台,可在简单的工作环境中提供业界领先的工具。. 使用Geomagic Control X,质量经理能够轻松实现旋转,直观,全面的控制和可追溯性,重复工作流程以衡量质量。. 这种.


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