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Shakespeare Mach III Spinning Reel Black | Waveinn

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Now that spawning is well and truly out of the way, commercial fishery carp are properly on the munch, and can be seen cruising the upper layers, picking off morsels passing in front of their noses. But these fish, it seems to me, have learned the knack of feeding on the periphery of loosefed pellets. Anyway, to keep pace with that development, more modern tactics involve the use of lighter, clear, fully-loaded wagglers.

Few things are more satisfying than building a pellet waggler swim. Start feeding little-and-often and provided you are reasonably accurate with a catty, the fish will gain confidence. Key build features include premium grade slim ceramic guides that allow great distances to be achieved even with light lines and floats. The blank has a parabolic, almost all-through fish-playing action to deal with everything from tiddlers to Titans.

With a niggling side wind to contend with, I spent the first hour or so of live-testing chopping and changing my way through any number of sizes, shapes and styles of waggler.

Eventually I settled on a short crystal finned version carrying enough weight to cut through the wind arrow-straight. The rods can actually cope admirably with floats from 3AAA right the way up to 10g.

The hollow tip also offers a fair degree of recovery, giving it more casting potential than a spliced rod. But for 90 per cent of commercial waggler fishing it will do just fine.

It works as a perfect cushion, preventing hook pulls and snap-offs. There’s nothing not to like about this latest Matrix Horizon offering. Specials are two- and three-piece blanks in 12ft, 13ft or 14ft lengths, all rated to a maximum g 4oz casting weight. The souped-up Distance versions of the Specials will whack out up to g 5. High-end Kigan anti-frap guides and cut-away Fuji reel seats not only give the rods plenty of transmission and feel, but will accommodate larger big pit reels.

The blanks boast wickedly responsive casting actions, super-fast tip recovery and ultra-chuckability for bream and carp on big open waters. Other key features on the new Distance Feeder models include long, hollow quivertips in the same material as the rest of the blank. This suits the rods to situations when less feed at long range is called for. Handles — abbreviated or full cork — are a standard 22ins but can be customised by Free Spirit to whatever length best suits you.

As you might gather by now these are high-class performance rods with a price tag to match, but then the best is never cheap. Overpriced they are not. The bream run large, are no pushover to catch, and are regularly targeted in matches. They tend to feed quite a long way out, making them the ideal subject for live-testing a distance-casting bream rod. My chosen Free Spirit model was the new two-piece 12ft Power Feeder Special — a first-rate bream weapon with enough backbone to chuck Method feeders at carp.

The sublime slimline blank, with its demure carbon weave and matt finish, is a thing of beauty, while the perfectly spaced Kigan guides add to its aesthetic qualities. The Power Feeder whacks out any type of feeder with no tip bounce, and indeed instant tip recovery. Cast, my word it certainly can cast….

I stopped at that weight, wanting to concentrate more on the fishing, and getting a feel for how the blank copes with bin-lids on match tackle. My set-up was a 10lb fluorocarbon shockleader to a 5lb reel line, a 0. Not a single fish was lost during the test, and a progressive action decidedly on the tippy side was no problem. The rod has enough cushioning through its mid-section to cope with headshakes and last-minute lunges without the hook pulling. Classy looks and furnishings are matched by a high-octane casting performance that may well give you an added edge.

At long last the carp on commercials are up in the water and ready to be targeted using float tactics. The obvious choice is the pellet waggler, a tactic that will dominate matches all over the UK in the next month or so. Few things are as satisfying as building up a pellet waggler line. Feed little and often, keeping the pattern tight, and fish will start to swirl at your feed pellets as soon as they hit the water.

Like all those in the range it has a soft, parabolic action to subdue large commercial carp. Key features include a slim, full cork handle and KTS smooth flow guides. A foot-long extension which can be added without tackling down is another feature of Arco-Tech rods.

Since the launch of the quite exceptional 3G X-Flex rod a few years ago the standard has been upheld with super fish-playing actions, lightness in the hand, super-fast line pick-up, accurate casting, and an all-round performance better than most.

On the live test at the impressive day-ticket Stretton Lakes my plan was to put the 12ft Arco-Tech through its paces on the carp lake with a heavy pellet waggler at distance, then drop down to the smaller match lake in the afternoon to target its stockies with the rod in its 11ft mode using smaller floats, hooks and baits.

The morning session was a bit of a disaster as far as fishing went, as three hours of non-stop pellet pinging with a rod that cast straight as a die failed to interest the carp, which were preoccupied with spawning in the margins.

I can, though, report that the blank will handle reel lines up to 8lb just about, as the guides are quite small and floats up to 10g with some ease.

A change to the match lake saw its stockies queuing up for a 6mm pellet, hung 18ins below a 2AAA straight peacock waggler. Using a smaller, less obtrusive float with lighter lines and smaller hooks seems to be the way forward on commercials these days, and in this respect the new Middy Arco-Tech is sure to gain many friends. It has just about enough whip in the tip section to propel a lighter float, as long as you drop down the reel line diameter accordingly.

The blank, although admittedly not the fastest in the world, is still nicely responsive, with a softly progressive action across the top section that morphs into steely carp-stopping power going into the butt. Constant feeding while holding the rod proved painless on the wrists, and the handle was just the right length to manoeuvre effortlessly around my body.

Seven models span three 12ft rods with 2. The Powermesh heritage is still spoken of in hushed tones by carp anglers of a certain age, although the new breed are a far cry from their classic namesakes.

These latest rods are slimmer, faster and considerably lighter than the old-school favourites. The one thing they still have in common with the classic Powermesh rods is unbridled power — but more of that later!

The slimline blanks boast a strengthened high-grade woven carbon build. When called upon to do so they serve up more than enough casting power for long-distance and PVA bag work. As to fittings, these new Powermesh rods are finished to a very high standard, incorporating original Fuji DPS reel seats, slim profile shrink grip handles, stainless steel frame guides with lightweight LS ceramic-lined rings including a 50mm butt guide and an aluminium butt cap.

The big carp on this prolific runs water respond best to long-range solid bag and margin tactics, although the latter option is not for the faint-hearted.

Now, you may be wondering why, when 3lb-plus tc rods are so popular, I chose the 3lb option. Having handled the entire new Powermesh range last October, I felt the 3lb rod was at least the equivalent of a standard 3.

They cast brilliantly, will play the biggest of fish superbly well and, I may add, would make awesome French kipper weapons. Our verdict: The new Powermesh carp rods have enough grunt to safely cast the heaviest of leads, and will outcast virtually all other carp rods in their price bracket.

The fish-playing action is unrelenting, putting you in control at all times — these rods are worthy inheritors of the iconic Powermesh name. The Sonik Sports brand is very familiar to pursuers of big carp, less so to commercial match and pleasure anglers. All that is set to change, though, as the company is about to introduce an impressive new rod collection dubbed the Sonik SKSC commercial range.

The six rods comprise 9ft, 10ft, and 11ft Commercial Feeder rods, and three Pellet Waggler rods in the same lengths. I chose the footer. The rods have been thoughtfully designed, and are nicely constructed to meet the basic needs of the pleasure or match angler.

They have modern, progressive fish-playing actions with plenty of backbone, making them ideal for commercial carp — a bit of added steel provides enough grunt to tame the odd zoo creature. The slim, two-piece equal-length blanks are built from a high-grade 24 tonne carbon cloth and furnished with quality titanium oxide lined guides and a screw-down reel seat with EVA thumb grip. The decent length handle is a cork and EVA combo.

Anything more and the rod will start to overload, which affects distance and accuracy. It will handle mono reel lines between 5lb and 10lb, and can be safely used with hooklengths down to 0. A change to a lighter feeder, so as not to spook the fish, and a larger 8mm pellet hookbait cast down the margin, came up Donalds!

Two commons, one just over 10lb, put a serious bend in the rod, allowing it to show its full fighting curvature. In my book, that makes it the ideal commercial carp Method feeder rod. Ever since pellet waggler tactics evolved to help anglers catch more and bigger carp from commercial waters, Shakespeare has had a top-selling rod for the job out there on the market. Any changes revolve mainly around the type of venue we are now targeting, rather than anything more fundamental with the tackle itself.

Larger open-water venues such as Boddington, Larford, Barston and Meadowlands require longer, stiffer-actioned rods that will cast heavy floats and pack enough punch to play and subdue big fish. Smaller commercial venues, such as snake lakes and peg pint-sized pools pools, tend to be tackled with shorter 9ft, 10ft and 11ft rods, many of which are two-piece graphite blanks with a non-locking progressive action.

Even so, these can feel that bit heavier in the hand, and are not quite as quick at their tip-ends as all-carbon rods when it comes to lifting line from the water. At a push it will mix it up with heavier floats and big fish, while at the other end of the scale it can be used with small hooks and light floats for winter F1 fishing.

I started in an open-water peg using 6lb mainline, a 0. Trying to keep the float still long enough to attract a bite proved nigh on impossible, and from experience I know that carp no matter how daft will not chase down a hookbait being dragged sideways across a swim!

However, despite that niggling easterly, the rod cast the float straight and true and fairly whipped line from the surface on the strike. A move to a quiet corner with a small island opposite proved just the ticket, and a much lighter 3AAA float proved no problem to cast for the Agility 2 Pellet Waggler 11ft.

Line pick-up speed is quite exceptional, thanks to its all-carbon build and fast taper design. Seaguide double and single-legged stand-off lined guides, a quality cork and EVA handle, secure screw-down reel seat and a keeper ring add to the joy of fishing with this rod. Its progressive, not to say slightly tippy, action gives it plenty of grunt, and helps make it an absolute pleasure to use. Our verdict: It never fails to amaze me how Shakespeare has this happy knack of pulling something a little bit special out of the bag every year.

The new Agility 2 Pellet Waggler 11ft looks, feels and performs every bit as well as rods costing three times its asking price. Slim and very light to hold for long periods, it makes easy work of feeding with a catapult. A viper-fast strike speed will help you connect with equally rapid F1 bites, even a respectable casting distance away.

Right away I felt these would be perfect for commercial fisheries back home, although at the time Browning seemed uncertain whether they would be available in the UK.

However, I banged on and on to the company to release them, and to send me a couple of samples in for a live test. These the makers eventually did, so now I can deliver my verdict. They have an altogether different feel and action. All this and more I was to discover at Clattercote Reservoir, whose resident carp were wide awake and raring to go.

My chosen rod from the Hyper Carp Method range was the 12ft version, which I reckon to be the pick of the bunch. With an 80g maximum casting weight, it has the length and three-piece build specification to launch a flatbed Method feeder a very long way.

In my hands, however, it felt most at home with feeders up to around 40g. The guides including those on the quivertip have sufficient inner diameter to allow the safe passage of 10lb shockleaders, which you need on most feeder venues requiring a mega-chuck. Well, I hear you say, there are already dozens of long cast feeder rods on the market. What makes these from Browning so special? For a start, the Hyper Carp Method will cope with all sizes of carp with some style, yet has enough flexibility to stay in touch with bream and skimmers right up to the net.

Distances of yards can be reached without you needing to be a tournament caster! And the price is remarkably reasonable for what you get. That was using a sized reel without a shockleader. This beast will chuck a g feeder with ease. Back to the rod on test, and its fish-playing action proved remarkable. Even when subjected to huge pressure from proper lumps it showed no signs of locking up. After a few bream had put in an appearance not a single fish of either species was lost — which, as any Clattercote regular will tell you, is impressive.

The Hyper Carp Method is the best rod of its kind and at its price that I have ever handled. This was one of the best live test days I have ever had, made even better by the presence of Mark Eves and Phil Ringer, who are highly entertaining, class angling acts.

However, their pedigree says otherwise. Start with a fast-taper, high modulus carbon build, giving a flat spot-free and progressive fish-playing action.

Add an array of impressive fitments such as graded push-in carbon quivertips and perfectly spaced lined guides capable of being used with shockleaders. Top that off with long cork handles that generate the power to propel a feeder an awfully long way. No wonder it quickly became apparent that these rods were spot-on for the senior inhabitants of our commercial fisheries. Happily, I am able to report that after a re-think by Browning, the quintessential big-fish quartet of Hyper Carp Method rods are now available here in the UK in lengths of 10ft, 11ft and 12ft.

Their eminently affordable pricing should appeal hugely to anyone fishing matches or enjoying pleasure sessions at venues such as Boddington, Larford and Clattercote — in fact any open expanse of water holding decent-sized fish. Watch this space for the exclusive live test next week on these superb new Method rods. Going from shortest to longest, maximum casting weights are 2oz, 2oz and 3oz, with 3.

Drennan’s introductory Red Range rods are comfortably affordable, well-appointed and perfectly designed for the job in hand.

In reality they were useless for everything. Thankfully, such horrors are well behind us. Modern-day combo outfits are mainly well thought-out, intelligently designed and fully usable for all their stated applications. Most importantly, they are affordably angler-friendly, and all these praises can indeed be heaped on the Red Range Combo pairing. These rods are clearly targeting novice and junior anglers with limited tackle knowledge, and yet choosing between the two could be a confusing process.

So, having fished with both, allow me to state the differences between them. With its feeder top section fitted it will easily handle 30g-plus Methods, while with the Pellet Waggler section fitted it will cast floats weighing up to 15g. Fit its waggler top and it will cast floats upwards of 4AAA, offering a little bit more tactical flexibility. For the live test, I decided on a joint appraisal, setting up both Combo models — the Carp Method in feeder mode and the Carp Waggler as a float rod.

The chosen venue was the ever-productive Stretton Lakes just north of Peterborough, just two minutes off the A1. The Carp Method Combo with a 30g flatbed loaded with micro pellets has a maximum casting range of around 60 yards. Much further and you are going to lose some accuracy. However, once a fish is hooked the blank has a resolute flat spot-free progressive action, with enough backbone to give double-figure fish nightmares.

The Carp Waggler Combo has just about enough tip flexibility and whip to cast normal straight wagglers carrying 4AAA or more. If you are reading this as a tackle shop owner, and you get a potential new customer that wants to have a go at commercial fishing, or someone on a tight budget looking to invest in new rods with commercial fishery potential, than I doubt there is anything better than this pair of beauties currently on the market. The answer? That, for those of you who have had your head stuck in a groundbait bucket for the past month or so, is the name of the new feeder rod range designed by Steve Ringer and manufactured here in the UK by Daiwa.

These all-black beauties kick off with an 11ft 6ins rod capable of casting up to 60g 2oz and suited to open-end and pellet feeder work, as well as a straight bomb. It will handle commercial carp and silvers with equal panache.

The 13ft 6ins rod can handle g 3. Natural venue species and commercial carp are meat and drink to it. Their latest HVF Nanoplus carbon construction imparts a clean, crisp action, and a rapid tip-end recovery speed adds yards to the cast.

The three-sectioned models all have a carrier section, and to prevent any flat spots at the joints Daiwa has employed its unique V-Joint system that retains seamless and progressive curvature at all times. Large-diameter K guides help to prevent tangles and speed the passage of line.


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The same goes for the line rating or lack of it , but again, for me, anything between 4lb and 8lb would be fine — just the job for any commercial fishery whose carp have failed to sign up for Weight Watchers. Stable square leg system with non-marking locking nuts. I’ve used 15g floats on it just fine and had low doubles on it with no problems, bigger fish would just need a bit more skill and patience, however has the backbone to deal with them. For the live test, I decided on a joint appraisal, setting up both Combo models — the Carp Method in feeder mode and the Carp Waggler as a float rod.


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