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How to Crop in Illustrator | Vectornator Design Tips Workflows.

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This application allows users to edit and manipulate photos by coloring, combining, giving effects, to making masks from edited objects. Until now, Adobe Photoshop is still the standard editor application for most professional designers and photographers around the world. First of all, make you place a high-resolution image in Illustrator for cropping.

You can enlarge the image to crop it. Whether you want to remove the unwanted area or crop a shape from an image, the three methods above will get you what you want.

Use the Crop Image button for a quick crop, and the others for more complex image cropping. Your email address will not be published. Illustrator is a design program made by Adobe Inc. This site is not associated with Adobe.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Skip to content. The maximum value that you can enter equals the resolution of the original image or PPI for linked artwork.

Reference Point. All transformations are performed around a fixed point called the reference point. By default, this point is at the center of the crop widget you are transforming. However, you can change the reference point to a different location using the reference point locator in the Control panel.

X and Y dimensions. Height and Width. Specify the size of the crop widget. If the width and height fields are linked, they maintain proportions when changed. Click the link icon icon to delink and modify the width and height values independently. You can define your own keyboard shortcut for the Crop Image command.

For more information, see Customize keyboard shortcuts. Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy. Buy now. User Guide Cancel. Rasterino allows for in-line editing of an embedded image in Photoshop or your preferred photo editing software, including ones cropped using a clipping mask. There are two ways to crop an image in Illustrator. Both have their pros and cons as detailed here. It’s possible to remove the clipping mask at any stage to reveal the original image providing greater flexibility and allows for experimentation.

You can use a clipping mask on both linked and embedded images. If you modify an externally linked image, the clipping mask-cropped result will automatically update. If you only intend to export the final artwork as an image, the resultant file will not be differentiated from one which used a true image crop. Unwanted areas of an embedded image are permanently removed, therefore reducing the Illustrator or other exported vector file size.

Cropping takes place on a pixel-basis whereas vector cropping can easily crop regardless of the image’s pixel grid. Large files can significantly slow down your workflow. Editing, zooming Read more ». As part of the subscription, we want to give you product training that As you may already know, as well as our Blogs we offer a wide range of Astute Graphics. Read More ». How to crop and trim a photo in Adobe Illustrator 9 minute read.

Apply Mask. Crop Image. Unlike any of the tools mentioned above, the Clipping Mask Tool is the only one that works non-destructively.

To mask a shape or collection of shapes, follow the same procedure as with the Crop Tool. This will create a very similar effect as the Crop Tool, although this time nothing is deleted.

Also, no new stroke has been created along the new edges. Finally, there’s the issue of how to cut one shape out of another. This is very simple and achieved using the Pathfinder Tool. First, create your two shapes. The one in the foreground should be the shape the star in the image below that will be cut out of the shape behind. In order to bring the cutout shape to the front, select it using the black Selection Tool.

Now select both of the shapes with the Selection Tool. Under the top row of icons, click the second one in from the left: Minus Front.


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This method is the easiest way to crop a raster picture, but it’s only available in the CC version of Illustrator. Open your image and select it. This article covers in Adobe Illustrator how to cut a shape using one of five the Crop Tool (this deletes unwanted elements outside a specific shape). New crop tool – The crop tool is a feature that is used to crop the image as desired. In the CS6 version, this feature has been improved to make.


Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Free Download)

Use the Image Crop feature in Illustrator to crop a linked or embedded image. Crop your images for free using Adobe Express. Adobe logo. Start with an image that overlaps the edge of the art board. Use the Rectangle Tool to create a cropping path that is the same size as the art.


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