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Remember Me? The No. Today’s Posts competitions support us FAQ advertise our advertisers newsletter. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Page 1 of 6. Logic X is better sounding. I was skeptical at first but had to find out, I used a project that LP9 and LPX could open only 64bit plugins the more you push the 2buss the greater the difference gets.

About the same difference I hear Protools 10 vs Logic 9. The transients are жмите bit less muddy in LPX- most obvious on a kick or a snare, more space around individual instruments.

A small difference but it is definitely there, I think people that claim that LPX sounds “fantastic! It’s like LP9 has less headroom. My Studio. I did, no point comparing small differences like this if you know what you are listening to. Anyways, Even though it’s not a huge difference it’s still pretty easy to hear the that LPX doesn’t sound identical to LP9.

The only question if the 0,7 increased gain in the LPX bounce is something that pushes the limiter 0,7db harder the in LP9. Even if so, It’s actually a greater difference на этой странице what pushing a limiter 0,7 db more or less would result in. I sure hope logic pro 9 vs logic pro x sound quality free is a difference! If not it means they haven’t at least tried to improve things!

Same arrangement, same plugins. Not identical sounding bounces. If 9 and X are supposed to sound the same there must quickbooks enterprise 2022 a human error involved.

I can’t see how it could be mine unless It’s my fault expecting it to work. I didn’t do a thing except press “bounce”. I think it is strange that they sound different but they do, no error messages, no muted plugins, LPX sounds a tiny bit less muffled, that is actually logic pro 9 vs logic pro x sound quality free only word I can think of, the same difference as I hear when running out of headroom in the analog world.

Very small difference but you don’t need golden ears to hear it. I’m not expecting you to believe me, I don’t even care if you do, try for yourselves, I can’t make them null, I really hope I’m wrong so please prove me wrong. So you are saying protools and logic also nulls if the pan laws are set the same?

Now of course we should take such reports with a grain of placebo salt, but the OP was astute enough to realize the GUI has an effect on perceived sound quality, so I wouldn’t dismiss what he says any more than I’d take it as holy. Personally I think Logic 9 at Logic sounds more acceptable to me at No idea why, heck, it could be the hardware, but given that I notice enough difference to work at the higher sample rates, FOR ME there’s room for improvement on the Logic side.

Why couldn’t Logic X sound better than 9? Subtle stuff. But in USB mode it does. I dunno why that Helena Beats demo sounds like AM radio. Are the individual tracks THAT muddy? It’s logic pro 9 vs logic pro x sound quality free supposed to prove that logic X sounds better. It is not supposed to be scientific. I can’t make them null, just like I can’t make protools and Logic nullnot even with three tracks set to mono without plugins. It would be interesting if someone could make them null, that is what I have been trying to do but I can’t, like you say.

I have only been comparing logic 9 and Protools 10 and they don’t null. And yes- matched volumes. Avid did a comparison – 9 vs 10, pretty noticable difference, Maybe human error but It was pretty much the same difference I hear when I switch from logic 9 to Protools To me there is no question, they sound different.

Logic 9 vs X. Should sound identical but I’m pretty sure I hear the same difference and I can’t make them null. I will try a netflix for windows 4k with no plugins tomorrow. I’m just going to stop responding to these threads I’m just going to stop respond to these threads Avid did a comparison – 9 vs 10, pretty noticable перейти на страницу, Maybe human error. Just curious what you guys would say to a Client making the same observations without even knowing about a Logic upgrade.

Two recent clients said things sounded a little clearer and punchy. They responded positively, not knowing that anything had changed. I have also noticed new projects I am working on using Logic plugins sound cleaner. Not all the plug перейти certain one’s. The Space designer sounds better to my Ear. Also the E. Piano and Organ instruments sound better and Play better. The Beatsmith. Yes human error, thank you. But I must say that Logic had improved the channel eq I think from v7 to v8?

Logic pro 9 vs logic pro x sound quality free mixes sounded different, but that’s a plugin, and it a part of the daw.

But I’d still word it as the channel eq sounds better, not the daw. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus. Seem to be provocative to claim that there is a sound difference between DAWs It’s just a discussion, people that go ” ” are rude and should not post in the first place. You need to do at least 10 blind sessions and get a result of 9 out of 10 correctly identified as a minimum to have a high statistical result of actually hearing something as opposed to imagining it. If you do 15 rounds then you need to get 12 right.

Otherwise its just guesswork and imagined. There were no plug ins involved, and about 2 dozen various audio files that were mixed and matched. The only discrepancy was that Logic was set to -3db compensated pan law, instead of just -3db pan law. But the resulting bounce could be brought down by 3db and null would achieved when compared logic pro 9 vs logic pro x sound quality free the bounces from the other DAWS.

Observe: I took a stereo drum loop and bounced it from both Logic 9 and Logic X. See for yourself: The result is clear to see. If something can make them sound different it would be interesting to know why and what. Logic pro 9 vs logic pro x sound quality free was only when I pusched the mixbuss I could hear any difference. Is it possible that bouncing 50 tracks withlots of plugins would make a difference?

By me or the humans behind logic. Folks, feel free to point to my post when people say L9 and LX don’t null. Because they do. If GUI is sharper and you think it sounds clearer it’s possible you make mix decisions based on that. I don’t know. I think it is more facinating that you make it sound like a victory Guys- I don’t care if I’m wrong or right, I just want to find out why bouncing a project in logic X sounds different. I don’t care if it is because a certain plugin doesn’t behave like it should or if there is some difference in the busses when switching between LP9 and LPX, I just want ti find out what makes the difference.

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Logic Pro 9 to Logic Pro X: Oh no, is it gone? : replace.me.Logic X is better sounding – replace.me

Two recent clients said things sounded a little clearer and punchy.


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Logic Pro X has great stock mixing plugins that can get the job done, The more high quality sounds you use, the less you have to worry about mixing. replace.me › › Music Computers › DAW Talk › Apple Logic Pro.


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