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Way too much expensive as it is now, and they’re not that quick adding lenses profiles as well, omitting minor brands. Users can now search by the specific menu command, phase one capture one pro 12 review free download by the assigned keyboard shortcut, making it easy to find and manage shortcuts. Lightroom has a better DAM, and its image processing is good enough. But that’s just the people I know it might be different when the best quality fast is not a requirement. Photographers should look elsewhere for a cataloging and editing application.


Capture One Pro 12 Review – Whats New and Should You Upgrade?


Like with the RAW file interpretation, Phase One carefully measures the optical characteristics of each supported lens and builds correction algorithms that compensate for the various optical imperfections of various designs.

As a result, Capture One can correct for numerous common optical issues such as vignette, and chromatic aberration as needed for each of the supported lenses. Capture One is available in several versions. Capture One Pro 12 supports more than cameras from all major camera brands, while Capture One Pro Sony 12 and Capture One Pro Fujifilm 12 supports cameras from those brands, respectively.

Phase One is committed to providing customers a choice when it comes to how they acquire their software, so Capture One Pro 12 is available for purchase, or via subscription. For a complete list of all products and licensing options, please visit: www. A day fully-featured free trial of Capture One 12 is available. Download the trial here: www. Via: PDN. Two thumbs up for CO v I just upgraded from v10 and have a bunch of older files from a Canon 5D2 and 7D that are low light shots and very noisy.

I decided to evaluate Neat Image NR at the same time I upgraded to CO v12 and ended up doing a heads up comparison of noise reduction on difficult files. To my utter surprise CO v12 won by a good margin, which was completely unexpected. I’m a big fan of Neat and use their video plugin as my primary video NR, but was very glad not to have to use them for photo since the CO workflow is so fast At least for Canon, not sure if its different for others.

I’m an amateur with two Fuji cameras for which Capture One is a great Raw converter. I have become reasonably familiar with C1 v11 over the last 11 months and was ready to upgrade to v12, but the increase price of the upgrade annoyed me when I tried to match it to the contents of the new version.

It’s just not worth it for someone like me. Finally, it’s a bit strange that Phase One has warned that all discount codes will become invalid on 1 January. I am so glade capture one 12 does not distort images forcefully like Lightroom does with the Z6 Images.

That beeing said barrel distortion at 24mm is pretty moderate and can be easiely corrected in Capture one I would probably switch to Capture if it wasn’t for two brilliant assets of Adobe. The ability to stich a pano in LR quick and easy with a faultless result and the upscaling in Photoshop is just phenomenal providing you have a first class original. Just dial in any size output you like and the resilts are unbelievable. My 18mp 1DX upsizes better with a prime lens on than a 36mp with zoom.

Those two alone make the Adobe solution my choice, even if Capture might be a tad better with colour. Great software getting better and better.

Yet the statement about the new interface cannot be taken seriously. One of the huge benefits with Capture One Pro that not so many talk of is the speed. For me I spend a lot of time in going through pictures to find the good ones. In Lightroom this would be a very frustrating experience but it is very fast in Lightroom. Especially if you have a fast computer Capture One scaled.

About seconds. This is about 20x. In Lightroom you can have the processing of the image faster. The lowest I have measured is s which was using a highly clocked 4 core computer but we work with video so always have many cores and Lightroom does not use many cores well. I h ave this on the second screen while the main screen shows the full image. This makes it easy to check focus and composition together. Things I like better in Capture One – The speed of course, Sharpening with structure, convolution sharpening that Lightroom does not have, color wheels, the export is fantastic since you can do multiple exports simulaneously, film grain is way better, the layers are great, the painting is great and very fast.

Also Capture One is upgraded more often. I find I can use plugins with C1 v11 without PS. Instead I installed an inexpensive programme called PhotoLine, and access plug-ins by “editing with” that programme. You now have the option to upgrade from Capture One Pro 9 and older to Pricing Upgrade pricing now varies based on the version you upgrade from. Users who upgrade from Capture One Pro 11 pay the lowest fee.

Capture One Pro 10 upgraders pay a bit more. Upgrading from version 9 and older is possible now for a slightly higher upgrade price. I think this policy is fair for both frequent and less frequent upgraders and nobody is out of luck anymore. Phase One clearly have panicked that they’ve driven past owners away from C1 completely and for good reason – I’m one such person.

Still no upgrade pricing for owners of Sony Pro After ten years owning various Phase One software, I trust them less than even Adobe and that takes some doing as I loathe subscription software.

Adobe is a vampire but is up front about it. The photographer package especially on an annual discount package offers astonishingly good value. C1 in my opinion does not. I own Sony Pro 9. If I go to my account panel, it shows that 1 free upgrade is available weird naming. But nobody knows if they will be afloat next year, while you can safely bet Adobe and Phase One will be around in 10 years time in the worst case scenario they will be acquired by an even bigger tech company.

This is why the main stable choice has always been Lightroom vs Capture One. Tried the demo for three days. Speed is ok , colors , interface , all fine until a point of noise and sharpening – this version too can’t do it as good as LR does it without a blink.

I was about to press the button on C1 but this price hike has put a stop to that. Not sure if I need it that much and how soon till the price goes up again. Any halfway decent photographer has thousands of dollars in camera and lenses. This is a drop in the bucket. Although as an observation, we have the same issue in bicycle racing in the USA.

Now that I think of it, people complain wen gas prices go up 10 cents but they just bought a gas guzzler SUB. Same with the new iPhones too. The lesson is people complain about price icreases for anything. This is nothing new. But it is kinda fun reading the complaints about it. Sell one more photo a month, race faster so you win more prize money , drive a more fuel efficient car. Or stick with your old phone. Second – I’m not a pro photographer, I do not earn any money with my photography and all my gear is bough used.

You can peek at my gear, see what portion of it is supported by C1P, then look and the eBay prices and do the math. Third – I’m paid one fifth of the same amount of money a person with my job will get in the US. And I’m relatively well being in Europe, because people in Africa and Asia will be worse than that. So, I understand you have your first world problems, e. I really struggle to understand this usual “if you spent that much for this you won’t have problems with that”.

It’s not that if I got an A7Riii then I have to be happy throwing my money out of my window, or having to spend as much as a developer wants me to spend without looking around. If they’re going to be successful with this new price system, good for them, but there are other solutions which aren’t far away in terms of final image quality while costing much less, especially in Europe. It’s an old argument and it doesn’t add up. Anyway, A lot of professional photographers hire equipment because of cashflow amongst other things, so extra expense is being looked at closely.

The job pays for the hire or the camera, so the photographer never has to pay the money for camera upgrades etc. I know, I know Then why don’t you just charge more to pay for the software?

Why do anything? Love these replies. Yes, I live in the first world so maybe I don’t understand. But I make my coffee at home or buy it at McDonald’s. But this software? It cost me less than five McDonald’s coffees a month. If you’ve got software you feel does better, or is easier to use, go for it. If you don’t like C1 Pro’s pricing, don’t buy it.

I don’t go around whining over Starbucks. I just don’t buy it. And for the price to upgrade for the cost of equipment? A cheep plastic lens is going to cost you more than upgrades of C1Pro. But then why are you on this site whining about it? There’s this thing in cycling called, “The Rules. Read Rule 5, then watch the video that goes with it. That is the lesson you need to take home boys. Move along. I don’t like coffee, so I can’t relate. I’m not into cycling either – I know too many people who are profoundly excited about cycling themselves or watching other people cycle, and they are the most boring people to talk to.

To answer your question: we’re on this site whining about photography stuff because it’s a photography site about photography stuff. The upgrade price is worth it for the Gradient Radial Mask feature. I shoot real estate and will be using it often. But instead of upgrading, you get 1 year subscription for Adobe Photography plan for less and you can do not only that, but many more things in Photoshop, and save money this way. The hardware is off the books now and the software team for DxO PhotoLab are working very actively and have a sustainable business in RAW development software.

The lens testing website is also a separate company now. That side of the business does seem to face ongoing issues as DxO Mark has stopped testing new lenses.

My only serious concern with DxO PhotoLab is how the absence of DxO Mark will affect their ability to offer deep support for new lenses and cameras. Superficial support based on specifications is not the issue – just the manual testing across all apertures and adding to the database based on field results.

The NIK plugin situation is a mess I agree. I bought the original plugins when they were for sale. Then had to endure Google giving them away. I’m using very occasionally – Color Efex – amazing software in the free version in CS6 now. Would not have paid full price based on current improvements though. I believe DxO had to make the free versions available again, as is, per the original release license. I also bought a Photolab 2 license. I went to Lightroom as it was more affordable, then later bought my own Capture One Pro license.

I am impressed with what they did with color editor, specifically skin tone editor. I hope to find time to delve into these new features soon. You issues are completely misguided. If you think a free trial is free software you can use as long as you want, you are completely misguided.

After considerable hesitation I bought those two to allow me a faster workflow on events no need to go to an external editor for perspective or deep colour options. I really miss integration with DxO PhotoLab of those powerful tools. I want fewer not more tools in my photography workflow. If you have to dig down through support articles to find a link to download the free version, while the paid version of the same plugins are much easier to find I find that shady.

That knowledge base article is not hard to find. Kenneth, DxO rescued Nik plugins from disappearing completely from the market. There’s no monthly subscription. C1 users are upset about the price hike. I a LR user upset about the subscription model and I was considering jumping ship. But there is no real ship to jump onto that has DAM, solid converter, convenient price.

Without third party software I feel choosing a software is like voting at a US election with a 2 party system. Paying subscription, break-even is reached between 8 and 10 years, depending on how you price extra content beyond Photoshop. There is quite a lot more functionality than C1P for less money.

With their cloud subscription, break-even is around 2 years and there is no discount for existing users – switching from perpetual to subscription is a total waste of money. Looks like they are gonna start pushing that subscription model pretty soon via pricing. I would say it is B-grade software.

I can’t lie. C1 got some major improvements That’s basic functionality people have been requesting since version 6. Can you elaborate on what benefit would a History Palette give to you? What problem does it solve?

Maybe there is another solution to solve the same problem on CO In general C1 is improving quite slowly. The improvements year-on-year are quite minor and iterative in the scheme of things. For example, I see absolutely no difference to the raw converter since version 10 and probably even earlier. Comparing a RAW file with a basic exposure boost, anti-vignette and minor highlight recovery the results are identical to version The upgrade prices are very expensive for the improvements you get.

For many pros the cost is irrelevant, but keen amateurs or occasional casual photographers will have pause to question. I agree. C1 can already show a focus mask so it seems like not too much more work for them to implement a focus stacking tool.

Likewise HDR. C1 Can’t do HDR? I was seriously considering trying out the new version, but I do use the HDR function in Lightroom regularly The History Palette allows you to jump back back and forth for example 5 steps at once to compare two alternate interpretations of the image.

It also helps you confirm where you are and what you’ve done as you’ve proceeded through the editing process. And, no, there isn’t a work around in C1. This isn’t just a matter of being able to backup to the initial rendering using “undo”. It’s about being able to jump to any point in the editing process in one step.

I use both Lr and C1 but primarily Lr for this reason. If you are in photography business making a livelihood from taking pictures and you have “dig” under the skin of CaputureOne, then you know there is NO other software which may come close. Sp, this latest version, version 12 is absolutely BEST there is If you disagree with me educatece your self before posting any criticism about this latest version of C1.

It might be too expensive for some people, it might not fit in the workflow of others. But when it comes to quality and capability there is nothing else. I had a lot of freelancers trying to convince me that Lightroom is just as good when one knows what he is doing.

I let them try it but they couldn’t come close to the requirements. They downloaded the Capture One Trail and suddenly the quality was as expected. I know Photographers in poor countries where this is one months salary and they bought it, in fact I know not one Photographer who has tried and not bought it. But that’s just the people I know it might be different when the best quality fast is not a requirement.

RPJG: and the most photographers are using the Instagram application on their iPhone to edit and publish their photographs. So what? So when I see pompous posts on here saying “I’m right and everyone else is wrong”, I have to laugh and respond. RPJG: I don’t get it. The guy started his statement with a long if condition. Why do you think that he is overgeneralizing his opinion? I will stick with Lightroom. Lauma, I am that one that tried C1 and returned to LR.

He said “there is NO other software which may come close. Period”, for anyone making a living from photography. If that’s not over-generalising and false , I don’t know what is. Anyway, it’s not a big deal in the scheme of some of the things that get written in these forums.

You started with “If you disagree with me educatece your self before posting any criticism The truth is that there are numerous excellent image editing packages out there, and what might be the best and the greatest for you can be the worst and the most cumbersome for some others.

Personally, I have tried Capture One many times over the years, and different versions of it, but I just couldn’t like it at all. So there I do disagree with you, and I said it out loud. Relax my friend, enjoy Capture One, but keep an open mind. The world has other, different opinions. It doesn’t matter if like them or not. I use Capture One version You couldn’t even type in a few words to support your claim.

This site belongs to enthusiasts even thou I’m not saying that this software C1 v12 is not inexpensive OBI Huh? Opinions on DPR are all over the shop. Are you just saying that as justification for your seemingly absolutist view? And as I said different people prefer different workflows but from a technological point of view one yet has to show me one Software that beats the image quality of Capture One Pro.

I’ve always found C1 to be quite mediocre for the price. Which is why I gave it 1 star. DxO PhotoLab 1. Capture One’s noise reduction could still do with a lot of work. Still using it now but the engine they have needs a lot of work. DxO still performs better but I don’t want to use DxO :. What a ridiculous statement. Noise reduction and auto settings are much better in all these applications, with Capture One ranking last.

I would say tethering, sessions and color correction are the strongest assets of Capture One, with unique controls more video like and a strong baseline. The built-in layers are nice but Photoshop is much more powerful combined with Lightroom.

USN Squid – so these photos just prove my point: The Capture One has the most neutral contrasts and color but also the best color. Very good for starting the editing. Then again I doubt these were the default settings for the other applications as I doubt any RAW converter would produce such poor results. Capture One has multiple camera profiles, you can even create your own.

Also do the same with portraits of various skin color and you’ll see the difference even better. People need to get over the Adobe subscription model and just accept that is is by far the best deal in the industry.

Capture One is for the elite commercial photographer. In the U. Is it not in the U. If you buy Capture One Pro and then chose the upgrade License every time you save a lot of money.

If you don’t need to have the latest software all the time you can upgrade even with an older version and save more money. Then it is cheaper than the Adobe cloud thing and offers much better quality. That is of course unless you need Photoshop but then again there is Affinity Photo which is more than good enough for non professionals. It allows me to use the tools of choice and not be dependent on any company at any point in the pipeline. The more you can rely on the OS and the less on a database to manage your photos, the less potential for tears or incompatibility later on in the future.

It is more like a quick ingest tool, like Photo Mechanic. I own it by the way and use it to select my best features on my memory card before import to Lightroom or DxO PhotoLab 2. But no keywording, geo location editing, face detection and many other features I would expect in a DAM product.

So I would need to use something like Exiftool in addition. In October I upgraded to v11 as needed it for the Sony A7iii profile, but for some reason I thought I had paid “extra” as part of a deal that future upgrades would be free Cant find any wordage about it now, but anyone else think that – or am I confusing whatever “perpetual” means Free updates only Each new major release If you purchased v11 in the last 30 days, you get v12 for free.

Log into your PhaseOne account to look for a new activation code. I think you mistakenly took “perpetual” to mean “Lifetime Upgrades”, which is offered by some software vendors.

Marketing departments everywhere will use every possible little trick to sell their products and to confuse buyers!!! Walter – purchased v11 14th October so reading the message today its 33 days!! As a hobbyist I enjoy using the product but beginning to consider its long term value to me – so i can keep this version as long as don’t change cameras again.

I never liked its UI, no matter how many times I tried it, and how many versions. It comes with Perfectly Clear, AfterShot, and a few other pieces of software. Corel’s customer support is excellent, second to none. To each their own, though. Phase One love to over promise and under deliver in terms of update pricing and legacy customers. I’ve had so many disappointments with their software no matter how many times I pay for it LE edition, iView MediaPro.

Watch your wallet with these guys! Adobe is no better with forced subscription, albeit the pricing is more wallet friendly. That’s the beauty of using a perpetual license.

I can skip this one, because there is nothing that i really need. My C1pro v11 is working without issues. And the longer i use it, the better bang i’m getting for my buck. But OK, i’ll wait until v13, maybe then I agree with you, but only conditionally, that this is a good option. But only if: 1. You do not intend to upgrade your camera for the some time 2.

You do not update your operating system this may or may not be forced on you 3. Or you hope that the next upgrade to your operating system does not break C1. Svetloslav – “That’s the beauty of using a perpetual license” – i. What exactly do you get improved with that license going forward? How well has Capture One been with adding Camera profiles to older versions. C1 has a great tool set and an ok UI although frankly it is as irritating at times as Lr, just in different ways.

The Luma curve is great, and the new Luma mask tool looks excellent. But for me the baseline IQ is actually pretty poor, and that kills it.

Yeah, could be the Olympus profiles. I’m using Nikon D, and the image quality is excellent. I’d rather they adressed that with v12, but alas their priorities seem to be different The profiles in C1 won’t affect how NR interacts, only the underlying color and tonality.

Adobe’s newest NR engine is pretty amazing at maintaining detail at higher settings, though, avoiding any plastic look until you know you’ve applied way too much NR above , things get funky. The decision should be based on value the product brings to your clients if you are using it professionally. If you are using it for personal work, consider how much you spend on camera gear and accessories and Capture One starts to look by comparison considering all the amazing capabilities and quality you get.

Watch your wallets with Phase One, guys. No upgrade offered on Sony Capture 10 Pro licenses at all. Walter Rowe – in that context nothing beats Adobe suite for price lower than just a Capture one. IDK, sounded like some fun troll.

Don’t feed him, he’ll grow fat and refuse going away. Capture One is class leading in Image quality and controls with the only other software that is able to compete on these terms being DxO PhotoLab. But if you think about it, the future is computational photography and this is where Capture One haven’t even started yet.

Plus, asset management is poor. If they keep this course of action with arrogant pricing, they will continue to be losing market share and technology will wipe them out from the landscape. For the people that say C1P is worth the outrages price, I would reply – “you all must be new here”.

I paid for the collection of Capture One Styles. Even at half price, I haven’t had such strong post purchase dissonance in a very long time :. In all seriousness, I am going to write to them as their marketing spiel is misleading. In practice, most of the styles all look the same and most simply overexpose the image.

Adobe includes their new styles for free. Probably the same end result disappointment , though. Hey look, another good reason for me to not get any new cameras for years now that I have my Z6. Yes, I’ll get this upgrade from v11, but sheesh. No more after this for a long time.

It is the cleanest RAW converter on the market. Linear gradient masks have also been transformed to give more precise control, which many of us will really find useful. The addition of Radial Gradient Masks is another handy option for those who like to create custom vignettes on their images. Luminosity masks are a great time saver and probably my favourite new feature in Capture One I love this update. This includes minor skin retouching and cropping, etc.

It used to be that when I copied the adjustments and pasted across to a batch of images, I then had to go in and undo the crop and remove the retouching on each image. Now, the copy-paste tool ignores options such as crop and spot healing by default, but if you want to add them, it is simple to do so. A great timesaver and a feature I love. A small thing, but a massive timesaver. What about yours? Plugins are the one feature that I love from Lightroom.

Finally, Capture One is allowing plug-ins to work with their system. With this being new the range is limited, but obviously, this will increase over time. At launch the plugins are limited, but this will grow and become a great time saver for many users. This means you can add the FujiFilm preset onto your images and use this as a starting point in your editing.

Please comment below to help me out. In all seriousness though, this is awesome for all you Fuji Owners. As a Mac user, this is my biggest pet peeve with Capture One. This is because the software can be purchased on CD or purchased online. If you are wondering what is Capture One Professional Software all about, then this article is for you. Capture One Pro 12 crack is most popular photo editing software for the professional photographer.

Reading this in-depth overview, you will learn why it is the best option for professional photographers in Luminar vs Capture One battle. Capture Pro is quick, reliable, easy to use, highly customizable, and affordable. It is also extremely customizable. Free Capture One Pro Capture One Pro 12 crack is a powerful professional-grade photo editing program from Danish high-tech digital photography equipment and software experts Phase One. Basically a powerful tool for editing and organizing RAW image files or digital negatives , Capture One Pro 12 crack is arguably fast becoming the “go-to” editing software for most professional photographers’, thanks to the promise of improved color and micro-contrast as well as faster performance.

This is in part because of the fact that there are a number of features incorporated in this software which can dramatically speed up the workflow. In this article we will be looking at how the software works, how it makes use of a simple yet efficient feature set, and why it is an excellent choice for the serious photo editor.

Capture One Pro 12 crack is an excellent tool for any professional photographer. With its advanced feature set it can quickly and easily turn an uninteresting image into a masterpiece with just a few clicks of a button.


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