Our Programs

Comprehensive information, Advice and Referral

The information, advice and referral pillar is the point of entry for people who want    information on the vast services we provide. We provide advice and referral internally or externally as per beneficiary’s needs. We cater for the following services

  • • Assist beneficiaries with application of ID’s, employment, social grant, university and college
  • • Advocacy of Human Rights
  • • Career advice and counselling

Social Programs

The program is designed to improve the social welfare in the community using person centred approach through public education, awareness campaign, mobilization, community dialogues, citizen monitoring and advocacy. Our organisation addresses the social ills through the following programs

Victim Empowerment Program: Men and boys’ program

• This program focuses on empowering the people that have gone through various types of abuses and victimazations. The organization has the men and boys program that focus on the men and boys that have undergone gender based violence as well as intimate partner violence. Some of these men and boys continue to live this those circumstances.

• The VEP program assist the clients with counselling and support for the clients as well as referrals to various other stakeholders that can assist the client where our organization cannot reach. This offers our clients the opportunity to work through the challenges

Accredited Drug & Substance Program

  • • Prevention of substance use, misuse and abuse which mainly focuses on the preventing people from the use, misuse and abuse of any kind of substance. The program focuses on harm reduction methods as well as awareness campaign, door to door, hot-spots visit and community engagements
  • • Community based services which we assist those who have fallen into the web of drug misuse and abuse to prepare for going to various treatment centers. We furthermore provide coaching through dissemination of information to curb the Scourge of substance use, misuse and abuse.
  • • Aftercare service., This part of the program focuses mainly ongoing professional support to a service user after a formal treatment episode has ended in order to enable him or her to maintain sobriety or abstinence. Furthermore it will assist in maintaining recovery from substance abuse and to find ways to prevent lapse or relapse

Hiv/Aids Testing Program

  • •Identify key population to vulnerable groups and screen them for HIV/STI/TB and VMMC referrals
  • •To identify people living with HIV through quality testing service and link them to relevant stakeholders for treatment
  • •Reduce social, behavioral and structural drivers of HIV, STI and TB prioritizing high risk groups
  • •Targeted stigma reduction campaign
Skills Development And Training

We provide skills programs to Increase levels of competencies through certified accredited training for;

       Technical skills

  • • NQF level 3 End-user computer accredited
  • • Computerized cashier NQF level 2 accredited
  • • Security E, D, C accredited by PSIRA

      Business Skills

  • Life skills: Personal development, Time management, Communication, job preparedness

Social Entrepreneurial Development

The program offers mentorship and coaching to start-up and existing businesses under the following service categories;

  • • Registration and statutory compliance
  • • Linkage of funding institutions
  • • Business literacy
  • • Sales and marketing strategies
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