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See all filters below Feature — Views manager and bootstrapping classes were created to allow more control over where and when views will be initialized.

See filters related to those below Feature — Reduced maintenance burden of customizations by leveraging atomic templates for the new views. Tweak — Adjust tooltip title styles for Twenty Twenty theme. Language — 29 new strings added, updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted [4. Thanks Andy, leapness and others for flagging this! This fixes some custom parsers [] Language — 0 new strings added, 16 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted [4.

This fixes Outlook compatibility [] Fix — Additional fields with multiple values using pipes as separators are working properly on importing again. Thanks Ricardo, cittaslow and others for flagging this! From v4. Fields added: offers. Thanks softwebteam, mrwweb and karks88 [] Fix — Single navigation to next and previous events using the Object Relational Mapping classes [] Fix — Events displayed correctly on all views, using End date instead of Start Date.

Making sure events that are not over still show on upcoming [] [4. Props to Alex [] Language — 5 new strings added, updated, 0 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted [4. Thanks to Kathleen, Tim and others for reporting this! Thanks to Lindsay, Simon and others for flagging this out!

Thanks to wescole, John Meuse and others for reporting! Thanks szenenight, agrilife and others for flagging this! Thanks Matthew, Laura and others for flagging this!

Props to integrity, nomadadmin, and many others for reporting this! Organizers and custom post types — props to natureslens and others for reporting these []: Now correctly saves in their drag-and-drop order Deprecated the functions added in version 4. Editing an existing event no longer loses the linked posts just because they were not part of the submission. Fix — Handle the case where Event Aggregator import queues might get stuck when deleting import records [] Fix — Only show admin notice when it is a top-level page with the event slug, thanks to MikeNGarrett for the code fix!

Thanks hanemac, David Luyendyk and others for flagging this! Thanks to Rob, aand and others for flagging this! Thanks Lam, ltcalendar, Disk and others for flagging this! Unix Epoch when another value was intended. Thanks to compton-bob for flagging this via our Help Desk. Fix — Accessibility repair: adjust main content container element from div to main.

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Tweak — Accessibility repair: remove redundant tab stops on feature image links. Tweak — Accessibility repair: filter bar view selector adjustments.

Tweak — Accessibility repair: provide meaningful aria labels for filter bar inputs. Tweak — Accessibility repair: hide Google Map embeds from screen readers. See wp event-aggregator import-from –help to know more [] Feature — Added wp-cli command to run scheduled imports with Event Aggregator. Fix — Fixed issues with Event Aggregator queueing system where events might be duplicated or incorrectly updated [] Fix — Prevent notice when the Aggregator Record title is an array [] Fix — Allows Aggregator Google Map settings to extend the Global Setting by default props to queerio for reporting this!

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Moving the anchor for a region in a Smart Tempo Multitrack Set no longer forces the region to be re-bounced. Sound Library It is now possible to use an alias to refer to sound library content manually moved to a non-default location. The Sound Library can now be relocated to volumes on Box.

Choosing an individual Drum Machine Designer Kit piece from the patch library no longer resets the volume of a selected Software Instrument track. The Loops Browser now displays Major and Minor key signature modes. Sorting by tempo in the Untagged Loops area now works as expected.

Content The setting to enable Patch Merging in the Patch Library is now remembered when the library is closed and then reopened. The Library now reliably displays the full path for all content. The Close button in the Essential Sounds download window now closes the window without stopping the download. It is now possible to filter the Sound Library to show patches from specific sound packs. When importing Music XML files, Logic now asks whether to import the tempo map or keep the current tempo.

Drummer regions are no longer created to MIDI regions when importing a Drummer track from another project. Export and bounce It is now possible to bounce a region to a selected audio track that already contains a region that starts at the bounce position. A progress bar now displays when converting multiple audio files to a compressed format in the Project Audio window.

Bounce in Place now includes content before position 1 1 1 1 in a project. It is now possible to bounce a region in place to a selected track when the project and region both start at 1 1 1 1. Add to Apple Loops Library and Export now generates a 24bit audio file.

Audio files exported from a project with a disclosed Take folder now contain tempo and marker information as expected. MIDI events in regions retain their correct positions when exported as MIDI files from projects with start position earlier than 1 1 1 1.

Exporting audio from an extremely long movie now works. The Playhead now reliably returns to the original start position after a bounce between locators is performed. Auto Sampler Fixes an issue where Auto Sampler could unexpectedly truncate some notes while sampling when they include delay taps. Fixes an issue in which Auto Sampler sometimes would get stuck for a long time recording some notes.

The key command to toggle the metronome now properly shows the Metronome Click: Off notification when the metronome is toggled off.

The Key Commands editor now resets any selections when it is closed and re-opened. Unpacking folders and Take Folders is now performed with the same key command. The Toggle Track Record Enable key command now works when applied to a group that contains an even number of tracks. Section headers in the Key Commands window now always remain visible.

Shift-clicking the lower left corner of a Global Track now resets its height, just as with other tracks. Impulse Response Utility Removing an audio device from the system not being used by Impulse Response Utility no longer causes it to lose connection to the audio device it is using. Selection-based Processing Selection-based Processing now works on Take folders. Smart Controls Smart Controls for the Tresonator patch are now available.

Score Rubberband selecting lyrics or text in page view no longer selects notes in other staves. Beams now draw correctly at all zoom levels. User-created Text Styles can now be deleted from a project. Notes are now pasted to the correct position in the Score editor in projects that start on a beat sub-division. Inserted notes in the Score now immediately display correctly at high zoom levels. The Event Float window now opens the first time a note is double-clicked in the Piano Roll.

The function to trim all selected notes to the same position in the Piano Roll now works reliably in all projects. The Event List editor now properly updates to display newly loaded Articulation Sets.

The Automatic lane in the Step Editor now updates properly when note data is pasted or transposed in the editor. The Transformer object in the Environment now works properly with bit Pitch Bend data. Both notes created by splitting a muted note in the Piano Roll remain muted. Undo Undo now works for parameter changes in the Mapped Instrument editor. Performing Undo after creating a Software Instrument track no longer causes unexpected changes besides the removal of the instrument track.

Undo now works for routing changes applied to stomp boxes in the Pedalboard plug-in. Changes to the Surround Panner now create Undo steps. Changes to Mixer channels with Record Automation with Regions enabled now create undo steps. Video Movie audio is now muted when opening a project that has been saved with a floating Movie window open. If the frame rate of a movie is changed while importing, and the audio is not imported as a separate track, a blue frame indicating the video contains embedded audio is now displayed in the global track as expected.

Videos in saved projects now open in the correct aspect ratio after a project containing a video with a different aspect ratio has been opened. Changes to the transposition value of the keyboard in Logic Remote are no longer reset to 0 when a plug-in or plug-in preset are loaded in the channel.

When an Alchemy track is created using Logic Remote, the Alchemy presets are now shown as expected. Logic Remote now reliably shows the currently focused tracks when a group of tracks is selected in Logic.

Control surface buttons now reliably reflect the states of key commands assigned to them. Control surfaces now update to show the status of Mute and Solo buttons when a Step Sequencer row is selected.

MIDI device scripts that contain an image of the device no longer show a generic image for the device in Logic. Logic now correctly installs support for a connected Launchpad if a Mackie Control device is already installed. Adding additional subtracks to a Multi-output Software Instrument in the Live Loops grid no longer creates unexpected empty tracks between the output track and newly created subtracks if a Novation Launchpad is connected.

The Playhead and LCD clock display now reliably show the correct position when the cycle zone is moved while playing. The Playhead now shows the correct position when playing back a very short cycle zone at high zoom levels. Fixes an issue where moving regions on different tracks at the same time in Shuffle L or Shuffle R mode sometimes creates unexpected gaps. It is no longer possible to copy regions to frozen tracks.

The Metronome Toggle notification now properly indicates the state of the Metronome. The main menu now remains fully functional when the Template Picker window is open.

Clicking a file in the File Browser with a mouse no longer leaves previously selected files highlighted. Engaging Track Protect on an armed audio track will now disarm it.

Punch recording in Region Erase or Regions punch mode with a zero length Marquee selection no longer creates unexpectedly long regions. Auto Zoom now works as expected when the Cycle zone starts before the start of an open folder in the currently visible area. Aliases created from Folders now contain all the tracks from the original.

Sustain pedal events performed during playback now override recorded sustain pedal events. Text pasted into the Mixer Notes window now properly retains the font and size. Fixes an issue where deleting inactive Track Alternatives for a track could cause the view to jump to the top of the Main window. The playhead now displays at the correct position when switching from Skip Cycle to Cycle mode while playing.

Fixes an issue where option-drag copying a Marquee selected area that encompasses a number of complete regions could truncate some of the resulting copies. If the sample rate is changed when creating a new project, the new sample rate remains in effect when creating subsequent new projects. META 47 events with values above no longer jump to Sustain events can now be set to more granular values. Engaging record with a single-tick length Marquee zone no longer engages Auto Drop. MIDI events in track regions are now displayed more consistently at all vertical track zoom levels.

Regions remain selected when automation view is turned off. Fixes and issue where the Create Track sheet could unexpectedly come up again after creating a new track. Fixes an issue where Insert Silence could affect automation points before the inserted section of silence. Hyperlinks added in Notes fields now open a web browser as expected.

Settings in the File Browser are now retained after the Browser is closed and reopened. Fixes an issue where the File Browser could unexpectedly show files hidden by the system.

Resolves an issue where double-clicking an audio region on a track could select all other regions on the track when Fade Tool Click Zones is enabled. Fixes an issue where freezing a Software Instrument track in Source Only mode could result in a silent audio region.



Logic pro x release date free –

This includes software plugins and external hardware like audio interfaces and MIDI controllers. It features real-time scoring in musical notation, supporting guitar tablature , chord abbreviations and drum notation.


Logic pro x release date free. Should You Update Logic Pro (2022)? Yes, Here’s How

Yes and no. If you own Logic Pro X then all updates to version X will be free. Updating from previous versions (e.g. Logic Pro 9) will require. Apple Logic Pro adds integrated Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio music production in version while retaining its core excellence. It’s a stellar update to. Yes! Logic Pro updates are free. Once a copy of Logic Pro has been purchased, all future updates are free and available on the Apple App Store.

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