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Did you mean:. Post a Question. Skype for Business – poor sound quality. Is it possible to have more than one Vmare on Mac? Severe performance degradation on macOS High Sierr Can’t start WIN 10 after update from Fusion 7 to After Windows 10 Update from Version to Versi VMware Fusion Connect automatically an external usb device when Drag that application back to the host.

The reason I say might is that Lion and Mountain Lion predate the introduction of the createinstallmedia utility which was buried inside the installer application starting around I don’t know offhand whether VMware Fusion uses that utility, or whether it just needs the disk images inside the application.

View solution in original post. Have you tried just dragging the. Last I built one snow leopard server , magic happened and it just worked. I’ll just add that the installer did mention the certificate being expired but I was able to click a button to continue anyway, without needing to change the system clock or anything like that.

I had previously had trouble dragging and dropping to and from the virtual machine but your note to install VMware Tools on the VM was a necessary step I was missing. Did Apple do something intentionally to make it easier to run virtual machines, or is it because it can’t determine the hardware and it just therefore allows it? In the installer script for macOS In that case it bypasses the model check. Using Lion as an example, the Distribution file in the installer package contains a function isVirtualMachine which is called from isSupportedPlatform.

You can’t even boot the I can’t see a special case to allow the disc to boot in a VM it may be buried in lower level code. One possibility is that Fusion could pretend to be a particular Mac model when booting the In normal operation, its model identifier is “VMware7,1”. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. This made me a little nervous I’ve tried to create a. That has been particularly confusing – partly because it seems to have wrecked the network drive location where Time Machine keeps backups for my MacBook running Catalina.

I’m afraid I am just not smart enough to use CCC. I’m probably a little frustrated at this point. My experience with cloning machines in VMware was years ago in a MS Windows environment – it was dead simple – literally a one-or-two-mouse-click operation. All help will be appreciated. Otherwise, select Install macOS and click the Continue button. Continue to follow thru as appropriate with the install of macOS until the install of the OS is finished.

As a side note, before you start the install, I’d make a copy of the virtual machine’s configuration file and a copy of Hard Disk 2 SATA the temporary installer vHDD as you might find it useful if you choose to go the cloning route.

These file are found within the document bundle of the virtual machine , e. As a result of issues the OP was having, as discussed in the comment thread, I’ve come up with a workaround that works as tested. If you’re having an issue with VMware Fusion creating the installation media you can try the following workaround. When starting the virtual machine with a raw disk VMDK you’ll be prompted with a password dialog box stating, VMware Fusion requires administrative privileges for accessing Boot Camp disks.

After the install is finished the lines added to the configuration file can be removed and reset bios. This can be done before selecting Install macOS and clicking the Continue button by using Terminal from the Utilities menu using, e. After the initial install is finished the date can be set to its proper date and the Network Adapter of the virtual machine re-connected.

However, I need to say that I have not actually worked through the entire procedure given in the answer. I got bogged down in the details of using VMware’s vmware-rawdiskCreator , and could not complete the procedure. If you care to read through the extensive comments following the accepted answer, you may conclude that the latest versions of macOS Catalina I do not understand why this is so, but I believe that it is unnecessarily difficult due to decisions made by Apple and VMware.

I say this because it is easy using older versions of the software. It may be an easier approach than the accepted answer, but it requires an additional Mac with an older version of macOS, and – at least in my case – an older version of VMware Fusion. That said, here goes:. Here’s an “official source” for this file on Apple’s website. Follow the guided process:.

When the process has completed, you will see the new VM listed, and you may select it, and start it. The VM will start in a new window. Finally, copy the. Once you have the file positioned where you want it, right-click on it, and select the option to open the file with VMware Fusion.

That’s it. I’m considering writing an Epilogue to this saga to document some of the road-blocks encountered, and my questions regarding why this process was made so difficult. That’s for another day – I’m officially burned out on Catalina and VMware for now. However, I need to say that I have not actually worked through the entire procedure given in that answer. I previously created an alternative approach first alternative approach to the accepted answer which is here.

This answer – the one that follows – is a second alternative approach for meeting the objective:. Note: This may be an easier approach than the accepted answer. It may also be easier than this earlier alternative answer as it does not require an additional Mac with an older version of macOS. The following procedure can be completed from the target macOS Catalina


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Otherwise, any changes you make are discarded when you close down the Soft Keyboard window. Custom keyboard layouts that you save are stored as an XML file on the host, in the keyboardLayouts folder in the global configuration data directory. Highlight the required layout and click the Copy the Selected Layout icon. A new layout entry with a name suffix of -Copy is created. Edit keys in the new layout. Click on the key that you want to edit and enter new key captions in the Captions fields. Optional Save the layout to file.

This means that your custom keyboard layout will be available for future use. Any custom layouts that you create can later be removed from the Layout List, by highlighting and clicking the Delete the Selected Layout icon.

For the various versions of Windows that are supported as host operating systems, please refer to Section 1. In addition, Windows Installer must be present on your system.

This should be the case for all supported Windows platforms. This will extract the installer into a temporary directory, along with the. MSI file. Run the following command to perform the installation:. Using either way displays the installation Welcome dialog and enables you to choose where to install Oracle VM VirtualBox, and which components to install.

USB support. This enables your VM’s virtual network cards to be accessed from other machines on your physical network. Python support. For this to work, an already working Windows Python installation on the system is required. Python version at least 2. Python 3 is also supported. Depending on your Windows configuration, you may see warnings about unsigned drivers, or similar.

The installer will create an Oracle VM VirtualBox group in the Windows Start menu, which enables you to launch the application and access its documentation. If this is not wanted, you must invoke the installer by first extracting as follows:. Then, run either of the following commands on the extracted. The following features are available:. This feature must not be absent, since it contains the minimum set of files to have working Oracle VM VirtualBox installation.

All networking support. For example, to only install USB support along with the main binaries, run either of the following commands:. For some legacy Windows versions, the installer will automatically select the NDIS5 driver and this cannot be changed. Use either of the following commands:. Set to 1 to enable, 0 to disable. Default is 1. Specifies whether or not the file extensions.

Perform the following steps to install on a Mac OS X host:. Double-click on the dmg file, to mount the contents. A window opens, prompting you to double-click on the VirtualBox. To uninstall Oracle VM VirtualBox, open the disk image dmg file and double-click on the uninstall icon shown.

To perform a non-interactive installation of Oracle VM VirtualBox you can use the command line version of the installer application. Mount the dmg disk image file, as described in the installation procedure, or use the following command line:. For the various versions of Linux that are supported as host operating systems, see Section 1. You may need to install the following packages on your Linux system before starting the installation.

SDL 1. This graphics library is typically called libsdl or similar. These packages are only required if you want to run the Oracle VM VirtualBox graphical user interfaces. In order to run other operating systems in virtual machines alongside your main operating system, Oracle VM VirtualBox needs to integrate very tightly with your system.

To do this it installs a driver module called vboxdrv into the system kernel. The kernel is the part of the operating system which controls your processor and physical hardware.

Without this kernel module, you can still use the VirtualBox Manager to configure virtual machines, but they will not start. Network drivers called vboxnetflt and vboxnetadp are also installed. They enable virtual machines to make more use of your computer’s network capabilities and are needed for any virtual machine networking beyond the basic NAT mode.

Since distributing driver modules separately from the kernel is not something which Linux supports well, the Oracle VM VirtualBox install process creates the modules on the system where they will be used.

This means that you may need to install some software packages from the distribution which are needed for the build process. Required packages may include the following:. Also ensure that all system updates have been installed and that your system is running the most up-to-date kernel for the distribution. The running kernel and the kernel header files must be updated to matching versions.

The following list includes some details of the required files for some common distributions. Start by finding the version name of your kernel, using the command uname -r in a terminal.

The list assumes that you have not changed too much from the original installation, in particular that you have not installed a different kernel type. With Debian and Ubuntu-based distributions, you must install the correct version of the linux-headers , usually whichever of linux-headers-generic , linux-headers-amd64 , linux-headers-i or linux-headers-ipae best matches the kernel version name.

Also, the linux-kbuild package if it exists. Basic Ubuntu releases should have the correct packages installed by default. On Fedora, Red Hat, Oracle Linux and many other RPM-based systems, the kernel version sometimes has a code of letters or a word close to the end of the version name. For example “uek” for the Oracle Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel or “default” or “desktop” for the standard kernels. In this case, the package name is kernel-uek-devel or equivalent.

If there is no such code, it is usually kernel-devel. If you suspect that something has gone wrong with module installation, check that your system is set up as described above and try running the following command, as root:. See your system documentation for details of the kernel module signing process.

Oracle VM VirtualBox is available in a number of package formats native to various common Linux distributions. In addition, there is an alternative generic installer. Download the appropriate package for your distribution. The following example assumes that you are installing to a bit Ubuntu Xenial system. Use dpkg to install the Debian package,as follows:. The installer will also try to build kernel modules suitable for the current running kernel. If the build process is not successful you will be shown a warning and the package will be left unconfigured.

You may have to install the appropriate Linux kernel headers, see Section 2. After correcting any problems, run the following command:. If a suitable kernel module was found in the package or the module was successfully built, the installation script will attempt to load that module.

If this fails, please see Section Once Oracle VM VirtualBox has been successfully installed and configured, you can start it by clicking VirtualBox in your Start menu or from the command line. Creates a new system group called vboxusers. The installer must be executed as root with either install or uninstall as the first parameter.

Or if you do not have the sudo command available, run the following as root instead:. Either use the OS user management tools or run the following command as root:. The usermod command of some older Linux distributions does not support the -a option, which adds the user to the given group without affecting membership of other groups. In this case, find out the current group memberships with the groups command and add all these groups in a comma-separated list to the command line after the -G option.

For example: usermod -G group1 , group2 ,vboxusers username. If you cannot use the shell script installer described in Section 2. Run the installer as follows:. This will unpack all the files needed for installation in the directory install under the current directory.

To build the module, change to the directory and use the following command:. If everything builds correctly, run the following command to install the module to the appropriate module directory:. In case you do not have sudo, switch the user account to root and run the following command:.

The above make command will tell you how to create the device node, depending on your Linux system. On certain Linux distributions, you might experience difficulties building the module. You will have to analyze the error messages from the build system to diagnose the cause of the problems. In general, make sure that the correct Linux kernel sources are used for the build process.

Next, you install the system initialization script for the kernel module and activate the initialization script using the right method for your distribution, as follows:. The Debian packages will request some user feedback when installed for the first time. The debconf system is used to perform this task. To prevent any user interaction during installation, default values can be defined.

A file vboxconf can contain the following debconf settings:. The first line enables compilation of the vboxdrv kernel module if no module was found for the current kernel. The second line enables the package to delete any old vboxdrv kernel modules compiled by previous installations. These default settings can be applied prior to the installation of the Oracle VM VirtualBox Debian package, as follows:.

In addition there are some common configuration options that can be set prior to the installation. The RPM format does not provide a configuration system comparable to the debconf system. To configure the installation process for. The automatic generation of the udev rule can be prevented with the following setting:. If the following line is specified, the package installer will not try to build the vboxdrv kernel module if no module fitting the current kernel was found. The Linux installers create the system user group vboxusers during installation.

A user can be made a member of the group vboxusers either by using the desktop user and group tools, or with the following command:. These are symbolic links to VBox. The following detailed instructions should only be of interest if you wish to execute Oracle VM VirtualBox without installing it first. You should start by compiling the vboxdrv kernel module and inserting it into the Linux kernel.

The daemon is automatically started if necessary. There can be multiple daemon instances under different user accounts and applications can only communicate with the daemon running under the user account as the application. The local domain socket resides in a subdirectory of your system’s directory for temporary files called. In case of communication problems or server startup problems, you may try to remove this directory.

For the specific versions of Oracle Solaris that are supported as host operating systems, see Section 1. If you have a previously installed instance of Oracle VM VirtualBox on your Oracle Solaris host, please uninstall it first before installing a new instance. The installation must be performed as root and from the global zone. This is because the Oracle VM VirtualBox installer loads kernel drivers, which cannot be done from non-global zones. To verify which zone you are currently in, execute the zonename command.

The installer will then prompt you to enter the package you wish to install. Choose 1 or all and proceed. Next the installer will ask you if you want to allow the postinstall script to be executed. Choose y and proceed, as it is essential to execute this script which installs the Oracle VM VirtualBox kernel module. Following this confirmation the installer will install Oracle VM VirtualBox and execute the postinstall setup script.

Once the postinstall script has been executed your installation is now complete. You may now safely delete the uncompressed package and autoresponse files from your system. A user can be made a member of this group either by using the desktop user and group tools or by running the following command as root:.

Note that adding an active user to the vboxuser group will require the user to log out and then log in again. This should be done manually after successful installation of the package. Using the links provided is easier as you do not have to enter the full path.

To perform the uninstallation, start a root terminal session and run the following command:. To perform a non-interactive installation of Oracle VM VirtualBox there is a response file named autoresponse. The installer uses this for responses to inputs, rather than prompting the user. Extract the tar. Then open a root terminal session and run the following command:. To perform a non-interactive uninstallation, open a root terminal session and run the following command:.

This is done by performing the following steps. Start a root terminal and run the following command:. Use zonecfg to add the device resource and match properties to the zone, as follows:. This is specified below using the dir attribute and the special attribute. Reboot the zone using zoneadm and you should be able to run Oracle VM VirtualBox from within the configured zone. You have considerable latitude when deciding what virtual hardware to provide to the guest. Use virtual hardware to communicate with the host system or with other guests.

For example, you can use virtual hardware in the following ways:. Provide a guest system access to the physical network through its virtual network card. Provide the host system, other guests, and computers on the Internet access to the guest system. Because Oracle VM VirtualBox is designed to provide a generic virtualization environment for x86 systems, it can run guest operating systems OSes of any kind.

Platforms With Full Support. See Table 3. Platforms With Limited Support. Therefore, resolution of customer issues is not guaranteed. Note that this feature is experimental and thus unsupported. Oracle VM VirtualBox is the first product to provide the modern PC architecture expected by OS X without requiring any of the modifications used by competing virtualization solutions. For example, some competing solutions perform modifications to the Mac OS X install DVDs, such as a different boot loader and replaced files.

Be aware of the following important issues before you attempt to install a Mac OS X guest:. Mac OS X is commercial, licensed software and contains both license and technical restrictions that limit its use to certain hardware and usage scenarios. You must understand and comply with these restrictions. These license restrictions are also enforced on a technical level. Mac OS X verifies that it is running on Apple hardware.

Most DVDs that accompany Apple hardware check for the exact model. Only CPUs that are known and tested by Apple are supported. The Mac OS X installer expects the hard disk to be partitioned. So, the installer will not offer a partition selection to you. Before you can install the software successfully, start the Disk Utility from the Tools menu and partition the hard disk. Close the Disk Utility and proceed with the installation.

See Chapter 14, Known Limitations. This is especially true for bit Windows VMs. You only need to provide the installation medium and a few other parameters, such as the name of the default user. Create a new VM. Use one of the following methods:. The VirtualBox Manager, see Section 1. The VBoxManage createvm command, see Section 8.

The following sections in this chapter describe how to change the settings for a VM. Prepare the VM for unattended guest installation. Use the VBoxManage unattended command, see Section 8. Start the VM. When you start the VM, the unattended installation is performed automatically. The installation operation changes the boot device order to boot the virtual hard disk first and then the virtual DVD drive.

If the virtual hard disk is empty prior to the automatic installation, the VM boots from the virtual DVD drive and begins the installation.

If the virtual hard disk contains a bootable OS, the installation operation exits. Section 3. The following example shows how to perform an unattended guest installation for an Oracle Linux VM.

Create a SATA storage controller and attach the virtual hard disk. Specifies a login name, full name, and login password for a default user on the guest OS. Note that the specified password is also used for the root user account on the guest.

Oracle VM VirtualBox virtualizes nearly all hardware of the host. Depending on a VM’s configuration, the guest will see the following virtual hardware:. Input devices. These devices are supported by most guest OSes. Oracle VM VirtualBox emulates the most common types of hard disk controllers. Whereas supporting only one of these controllers would be enough for Oracle VM VirtualBox by itself, this multitude of storage adapters is required for compatibility with other hypervisors.

Windows is very selective about its boot devices, and migrating VMs between hypervisors is very difficult or impossible if the storage controllers are different. Note that for some legacy Windows guests, third party drivers must be installed for xHCI support. The emulated USB controllers do not communicate directly with devices on the host.

In the Settings window, under General , you can configure the most fundamental aspects of the virtual machine such as memory and essential hardware. The following tabs are available. In the Basic tab of the General settings category, you can find these settings:. As a result, you can only use characters which are allowed for file names on your host OS. You can display these using the VBoxManage commands. This is the same setting that is specified in the New Virtual Machine wizard.

Whereas the default settings of a newly created VM depend on the selected OS type, changing the type later has no effect on VM settings. This value is purely informational and decorative. The following settings are available in the Advanced tab:. See Section With this setting, you can specify any other folder for each VM.

Shared Clipboard: You can select here whether the clipboard of the guest OS should be shared with that of your host. If you select Bidirectional , then Oracle VM VirtualBox will always make sure that both clipboards contain the same data. In such a case, this setting has no effect. For security reasons, the shared clipboard is disabled by default.

This setting can be changed at any time using the Shared Clipboard menu item in the Devices menu of the virtual machine. Drag and Drop: This setting enables support for drag and drop. Select an object, such as a file, from the host or guest and directly copy or open it on the guest or host. Multiple drag and drop modes for a VM enable restricting of access in either direction. For drag and drop to work the Guest Additions need to be installed on the guest.

Drag and drop is disabled by default. This setting can be changed at any time using the Drag and Drop menu item in the Devices menu of the virtual machine. On the Description tab you can enter a description for your virtual machine. This has no effect on the functionality of the machine, but you may find this space useful to note down things such as the configuration of a virtual machine and the software that has been installed into it.

The Disk Encryption tab enables you to encrypt disks that are attached to the virtual machine. To enable disk encryption, select the Enable Disk Encryption check box. Settings are available to configure the cipher used for encryption and the encryption password. All files related to the virtual machine except disk images are stored unencrypted. The System category groups various settings that are related to the basic hardware that is presented to the virtual machine.

As the activation mechanism of Microsoft Windows is sensitive to hardware changes, if you are changing hardware settings for a Windows guest, some of these changes may trigger a request for another activation with Microsoft.

On the Motherboard tab, you can configure virtual hardware that would normally be on the motherboard of a real computer. The specified amount of memory will be requested from the host OS, so it must be available or made available as free memory on the host when attempting to start the VM and will not be available to the host while the VM is running.

This is the same setting that was specified in the New Virtual Machine wizard, as described in Section 1. Generally, it is possible to change the memory size after installing the guest OS. But you must not reduce the memory to an amount where the OS would no longer boot.

Boot Order: Determines the order in which the guest OS will attempt to boot from the various virtual boot devices. This needs to be configured in detail on the command line.

Chipset: You can select which chipset will be presented to the virtual machine. PIIX3 is the default chipset for most guests. Using the ICH9 chipset it is also possible to configure up to 36 network cards, compared to a maximum of eight network adapters with PIIX3. Using the virtual USB tablet has the advantage that movements are reported in absolute coordinates, instead of as relative position changes.

This enables Oracle VM VirtualBox to translate mouse events over the VM window into tablet events without having to “capture” the mouse in the guest as described in Section 1.

This makes using the VM less tedious even if Guest Additions are not installed. It is also required if you want to use more than one virtual CPU in a virtual machine.

Turning it on after installation will have no effect however. ACPI is the current industry standard to allow OSes to recognize hardware, configure motherboards and other devices and manage power. ACPI can only be turned off using the command line.

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Vmware fusion 7 high sierra internal error free

Solved: I have an MacBook Pro (non-Retina, inch, Late ) with GHz Intel Core i7 CPU and 16G memory. I’m going to upgrade to MacOS Sierra. If the error refers to a system extension, see Installing VMware Fusion triggers System Extension Blocked notification on macOS High Sierra.


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