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How To Fix if Windows 10 Stuck on Welcome Screen After login

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Windows 10 login screen stuck free › en-us › windows › forum › all › windowshan. Method 1: Try to boot into Safe Mode. Sometimes, if a Windows update fails to install completely, it could cause your PC to freeze or function abnormally.


How to fix Windows 10 Stuck on Welcome Screen ( Guide)

Jul 25,  · Follow below steps solve the “Windows 10 freezes at welcome screen” issue. Step 1: When you’re done with creating the bootable media, simply insert it and start the booting process of your system. For this, go to your computer’s BIOS settings and set the boot priority of DVD or USB drive to the highest level. Aug 29,  · Step 1: On the welcome or login screen, tap the Wi-Fi or Ethernet icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Step 2: Select the wireless network your PC is connected to and tap Disconnect. Click on restore, and it will do a fresh restore to your device and update it to the latest firmware A computer gets stuck on the Welcome screen usually after an update or after entering a password. reset Nvram or Pram (Command + Option + P + R) reset Smc (press Shift-Control-Option on the left side of the built-in keyboard, then press the.


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