Katekani Community project

About us

About Katekani Community Project

We envision a community where all residents around the City of Tshwane and Bojanala District have the opportunity to a high quality of life. 

Mission Statement 

To work together with the community and stakeholders in providing a proper foundation for youth and the community at large with the aim of developing their skills and education, providing material support and leadership to improve the quality of life.



● Providing in the needs of empowerment of all people working with children in need through
    skills development programme 

● To raise funds to provide the necessary services 

● To mobilise the community to support the organisation through donations, volunteers, funding
    products, etc. 

● To network and coordinate with other CBOs/NPOs 

● To improve the quality of life of all people living with HIV/AIDS 

● Promoting the rights of the infected and affected by HIV/AIDS according to their needs and

● Seeks ways to provide every HIV/AIDS with the opportunity to grow and develop to his /her
    maximum potential 

● Providing support for each other on issues arising as family who have an understanding and
    experience to the infected and affected

● Ensuring that our patients are accommodating at an appropriate learning centre

● Educating families, friends and the community at large on patients issues thereby promoting
    social integrating of our patients 

● To increase health awareness by engaging community members through workshops and
    community dialogues. 

● To facilitate accessibility of information to empower the under privileged. 

● To coordinate and facilitate rapid implementation of gender based violence programmes. 

● To provide integrated social crime prevention to all persons at risk and in conflict with the law
    ensuring social protection and provide diversion programmes

● Coordination and facilitation of Drugs and Substance abuse services. 

● Conducting on going monitoring and evaluation, on monitoring the quality of service delivery.
   Organizational Values 

 Listening to and learning from our community. 

● Addressing the root causes of community problems and mobilize resources for the common

● Strive for equity and focus primarily, but not exclusively, on people who are vulnerable. 

● Practice and champion inclusiveness in our community. 

● Honour diverse strengths, needs, voices, and backgrounds of all members of our community 

● Serving as stewards for our community investments and honour the charitable intentions of
    our donors to meet current and future community needs. 

● We aspire to live to the highest standards of personal honesty and behaviour; we never
    compromise our reputation and always act in the best interests of our communities.  

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